Eating Breakfast Every Day Keeps Weight Gain Away

New research from Loma Linda University School of Public Health is pointing to a link between the impact of meals like breakfast and their frequency to weight gain. The results from Dr. Hana Kahleova’s study were published in The Journal of Nutrition, and she presented the findings at the International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine on July 29th.

Adventist Health Study Participants’ Eating Habits

The researchers chose participants from the Adventists Health Study-2 (AHS-2), because of their peculiar eating habits. Over 96,000 Seventh-day Adventists from the U.S. and Canada are being studied for a variety of reasons because they have shown a lower risk of developing diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Dr. Kahleova chose to study 50,660 adults from the population that were 30 and over. Her focus of the study was to look at how often people eat and their body mass index (BMI). Researchers monitored eating habits and BMI for an average period of 7 years.


breakfast meal

Breakfast is good…

The study had several unique conclusions. First, they found that people who ate one to two meals per day had a decrease in BMI whereas people who ate three or more meals had an increased BMI. The more meals they ate including snacks, the more weight they gained. An interesting finding was that people who regularly ate breakfast tended to lose more weight. They also found that participants who chose breakfast as their most substantial meal of the day experienced the most significant BMI decrease. This extensive analysis further supports what we have long inferred: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


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